Corporate Culture at INPOS

INPOSer's Statement

INPOS is the second home of members having great ideas, competencies, qualifications, and mastering their life for further development to create added values to serve themselves and support the society.

INPOS working environment is Civilization, Equality, Friendliness, pressure, performance-centered focus, and optimization for further development together to create the highest added value for themselves, company, and the society. This requires the members to make great efforts to conquer themselves, update and refresh the knowledge to improve the qualifications, and become the leading expert in their field.

For the country and society

  • Be patriotic and love the local community.
  • Be self-confident and respect the national pride.
  • Make great efforts to offer the highest work. performance, then, make the maximum contribution to society.
  • Actively involve in social and charity activities to help the individuals and communities.
  • Take out-of-box thinking, action, and living, make a great effort to improve qualifications, contributing to the development of the community and social civilization.
  • Save natural resources, optimize the resources to improve the environmental protection efficiency.

For works

  • Trust in the corporate values, adhere to the system principles.
  • Love the work and themselves but respect the freedom of another person.
  • Be active, hardworking, honest, and persistent to the targets to be more perfect. Observe the rule “Victory is not arrogant, defeat is not discouraged”.
  • Be available to challenge and work till completion.
  • Be creative, not dare to renovate, and always challenge the old perspectives.
  • Attentively listen, be available to acknowledge the error if any without defense or blame, considering that knowing errors for correction is the key to great success.
  • Plan – Do – Check – Action in any action.

For colleagues

  • Be united and mutual support to each other for the general targets of the team and the company.
  • Respect the freedom and private space of colleagues but not compromise, raise a voice and fight against misconduct or behavior contrary to the corporate culture.
  • Actively share knowledge, available to acquire the comments and feedback.
  • Equally, treat each other, respect the subordinates and facilitate the colleague’s optimal development.

For the customers

  • Clearly aware of customers as our income and salary payer.
  • Position at the customer place to offer the best services.
  • Be sincere and keep words to the customers in any circumstances.
  • Respect, serve, and have a polite attitude but not indulge the customers.

For the partners

  • Put the cooperative spirit on the top priority with the partners.
  • Respect, learn, and share knowledge with partners always targeted to the long-term cooperation.

For competitors

  • Always respect and learn from competitors.
  • Conduct healthy competition on the added value basis.
  • Aware that competition is a great development drive to our company and the society.